Monday, May 20, 2013

What's This You Say of Exciting News?

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you might have seen that I announced last week I'd be sharing some exciting news with you all today! A bunch of you made your guesses as to what it was about . . . most of you mentioned a LOST & FOUND sequel.

Well . . .


Jesse and Rowen's story touched me in ways I didn't expect as I wrote it. I love all of my books and characters kind of like one loves their children—equally. But LOST & FOUND kind of gave me favorite child syndrome. It was a story I couldn't get down on paper fast enough, Jesse and Rowen were characters I simply couldn't get out of my head, and the overall message(s) of the book resurrected old scars and healed others. Simply put, Jesse and Rowen's story after LOST & FOUND has been mapped out in my mind for months now. I'm so happy to now be mapping it down on paper.

Okay. So you have questions (I know you do!), and I've got answers (I think I do)!

The second book, NEAR & FAR, will be released July 30th in both ebook and paperback format. I'll be releasing the cover, blurb, and teasers in the upcoming weeks to give you all a quick Jesse and Rowen fix. Like LOST & FOUND, NEAR & FAR is already tearing my heart to bits and putting it back together . . . and I'm loving every minute of it. Thank you for embracing these characters so openly and I'm thrilled so many of you asked for, pleaded for, and demanded another book.

Oh, and there may be, may be another book coming to you this year about the dark horse in LOST & FOUND (and by dark horse, I don't actually mean a four-legged one). The arch nemesis, the reluctant hero, the cowboy we wish we could hate but can't . . . Mr. Garth Black will be getting his own book, too. Now this book's going to be one hell of a ride, so sit down and strap up. How am I feeling about this book, you ask? Two words . . .

Can't. Wait.

In related news, LOST & FOUND will be available in audio in the next few weeks so I'll be posting links to where you can find it when it's live. The narrator really nailed how I imagined Rowen's voice and overall tone.

And for all of you GREAT EXPLOITATIONS fans . . . yeah, you. The ones who have been asking when SCANDAL IN SEATTLE will be released, it's coming, too. As soon as I'm able to give you an exact release date, I will, but it will be coming within the next month.

Before I sign off, I've got one more thing. I wasn't sure what to expect with I put LOST & FOUND out there. I knew how much I loved it. I knew it was special to me. What remained to be seen was what readers would think of it. Would they love it? Would it be special to them? It's been almost two weeks to the day since I released L&F and truly . . . you all have overwhelmed me. Wait, that's not quite right. You all have OVERWHELMED me (there, that's better). To see something I'm proud of be successful and received so well is a feeling I hope you all have, or will one day soon, experience for yourselves. I'm humbled by my reader's generosity. Thank you for reading L&F, thank you for telling your friends, thank you for leaving reviews, and thank you for letting me share a bit of my world with you.


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