Friday, September 2, 2011

Three Tips for YA Indie Authors

The topic of the week for the YA Indie Carnival is what three tips would I give aspiring YA indie authors. I'm fairly new to the scene, but I feel like I've picked up some invaluable information in six short months and hope my list below will help other aspiring authors.

1. Read! Read YA, both indie and traditionally published. I'm a supporter of both. For me, it's essential I stay refreshed and invigorated with my first literary love, reading. I know I need to stop what I'm doing and read a good book when my sentences starting coming out like: See. Spot. Run.

2. Invest some money and time into a library of writing how-to books. I've got quite the collection and for under a few hundred bucks I feel like I got a school of hard knocks MIF degree. I love that I can pick up a wealth of information from the giants in this world for ten bucks. I've become a much better writer because of them and I'll be become a much better writer as I continue to read and learn from them. Looking for somewhere to start? Writer's Digest puts out a solid collection of writing mechanics books. I've found each one I've read to be invaluable.

3. Do it, already! What does that mean exactly? That depends on what stage of your writing career your at. If you've been tossing an idea around in your head, get it down on paper. If you've been suffering from a month's long writer's block, sit down in front of that darn computer until you force, if need be, inspiration to the surface, or if you're holding a completed manuscript in hand and biting your nails with worry about releasing into the world . . . just do it, already! Dreams don't become reality by accident.

As for my other indie sisters, well, as you can see the list continues to grow. Check out what top three things they'd suggest to YA indie authors as well. These are some smart ladies after all!


  1. It's so funny because yours matched two of mine! You and I are sympatico, Nicole! And I'm going to take your advice and buy myself an education. What do you recommend first?

  2. My problem is the "Do it already." I find myself doing just about everything but writing sometimes. Off to turn off the internet. Thanks!


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