Friday, August 26, 2011

Indie Carnival Topic of the Week: First Paragraph of Current Work In Progress

This week my sisters and I at the YA Indie Carnival decided to post the first paragraph (or two or three . . . or four!) of our current work in progress. Since I'm in the revision stage of the third and final installment in the Eden trilogy, United Eden, here's the opening lines of the conclusion in William and Bryn's love story.

            In one year’s time I’d lost a lot. My parents, an Ivy League scholarship, enrollment at a state school I was all but failing out of , and, not to forget the big one, my life. That was a lot for a twenty year old to take, but in return I’d been given Immortality, a family by all definitions of the word save for blood relation, friends that would willingly lay down their lives for me as I would them, and a man named William Hayward.
            The man who didn’t only have my love, but my soul. A man I never believed was out there, a man who I never knew was meant for me once I did find him, and a man I’d come to accept I deserved.
            We’d fought with our lives to be together, nearly losing them on more than one occasion, but we knew death was a risk worth facing if that’s what it took to make our wish come true—to spend an eternity together—we’d settle for nothing less and knew better than to expect anything more.
          Our wish was one night from coming true.

TaDa! There it is. I can't wait to get it out into the world!

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