Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to the YA Indie Carnival!

Welcome to our Friday posts about all things YA Indie for authors, readers and reviewers. We are a group of YA Indies that post on the same theme each Friday. Binge on all the cotton candy and popcorn you want and get set for a thrilling ride! If you've got questions about anything indie, the YA Indie Carnival has the answers. Our first week's topic is a simple introduction, so here's Nicole Williams in a few sentences . . .

As far as titles go, I'm a wife, mother, and author. As far as everything else goes, well, there's not enough blog, time or reader interest for that! I published my first novel, Eternal Eden, in March of 2011 and the second installment, Fallen Eden is coming out later this week. The indie world has not only surpassed my expectations, it has turned my dream into reality. I've been overwhelmed by the number of talented indie authors out there and I feel privileged to be a member of this community.

That said, here's the line-up for the rest of the YA Indie Carnies:

  • Dani Snell:  A book reviewer who tells it like it is.

  • Wren Emerson:  Author of I Wish . . . and a contributing author in the upcoming anthology that I am participating in (The Glassheart Chronicles).

  • Patti Larsen: Author of  The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House, and The Diamond City Trilogy.

  • Courtney Cole: Author of Every Last Kiss, Fated, Princess, and Guardian. Also a contributing author in The Glassheart Chronicles.

  • Fisher Amelie:  Author of The Understorey, as well as a contributing author in The Glassheart Chronicles.

  • Amy Maurer Jones: Author of Soul Guest, as well as a participant in the Glassheart Chronicles

  • T.R. Graves: Author of Warriors of the Cross.

  • Rachel Coles: Author of Diary of a Duct Tape Zombie, Whistles, Beergarden, Plagues, Bees of St. John, and Mushrooms.

  • Laura Elliott: Author of the recently released Winnemucca! 

  • Allie Burke: Author of the Enchanter Series.

  • I hope you find our weekly series to be informative, fun and inspiring. Please leave a comment with any questions you might have.

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