Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fallen Eden Jacket Blurb

I wanted to release a little Fallen Eden teaser to everything out there waiting patiently for the official book release, which, depending upon how fast Amazon can do their thing, should be available around this Friday-Sunday! Yes, that noise you just heard was me breathing a huge sigh of relief. Barnes and Noble takes a few days longer, but it should be available for Nook mid next week.

So, enough wasting time . . . here's the official Fallen Eden jacket blurb hot off the presses. Try to contain your pure, unbridled, child-on-Christmas-morning joy.

If happily ever after were a place, twenty-year-old Bryn Dawson would be on the farthest planet from it.

Reduced to stolen glances and secret meetings as they await a Betrothal the Council is bent on stalling, William and Bryn have to settle for happily right now, but with a man like William Hayward at her side, Bryn’s hardly settling.

The day John Townsend sends an army of Immortal mercenaries intent on destroying everyone Bryn loves, she must make the decision generations of star-crossed lovers before her have—live alone or die together. William’s made his decision, Bryn’s the one fate’s waiting on.

But fate will only wait so long until it makes the decision for her.

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