Friday, August 15, 2014

The Next Installment in The Outsider Chronicles is . . . DAMAGED GOODS

So HARD KNOX just came out. A few days ago.  The first book released in The Outsider Chronicles. BUT the first book I wrote of the series was DAMAGED GOODS, a book I wrote last summer and was just waiting for the right moment to publish. As it turns out, September 9th is the right moment!

If you've read HARD KNOX, you'll find DAMAGED GOODS a bit grittier, a sliver darker, and a degree (or two or three) steamier. Now, enough with the fine print, here's the good stuff . . .

The cover. Done by the brilliant Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations.

And here's the blurb!

When Liv Bennett said goodbye to the sinkhole of a town she grew up in, she hoped she’d left that chapter of her life behind forever. But forever turned out to only be three years.

Returning home to her two younger sisters after their addict of a mother up and disappeared, Liv promptly reinstitutes her golden rule that got her through her first nineteen years of life without getting knocked up, roughed up, or messed up: Don’t date the local boys and god forbid, don’t fall in love with one of them.

It isn’t long before that golden rule is put to the test.

Will Goods isn’t the same boy she remembers growing up by in the next trailer over. The wild, careless boy who used to tear up the town with his three brothers has morphed into someone else so completely, he’s almost unrecognizable. The quiet, contemplative man who works on cars by night and takes care of his mentally ill mother during the day is nothing like any of the local boys Liv grew up avoiding.

But just when Liv considers suspending her golden rule this one time, she finds out something about Will that will change everything.

Will Goods isn’t who he used to be; he’s not even the man Liv thinks she’s gotten to know over the summer. He’s someone else entirely.

He’s become . . .

Damaged Goods.

I will be working on making this available for pre-order and will post those links once they're available. Hope you all enjoy, and thank you so much for making HARD KNOX's release week so spectacular!

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