Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A New Series Coming Your Way!

And just when I thought 2012 couldn't have possibly been any crazier . . . two months into 2013 and it's already showing 2012 who's boss!

So we all know the big CRUSH release is happening on April 23rd (WooHoo!) but there are a couple of new projects I've been hard at work at as well. One, in particular, is the reason for this post. Have you all ever had a favorite television show you positively couldn't wait to watch? Where you were on pins and needles waiting to find out what happened in the following episode? I know I have and I wanted to translate this into a book series. Each installment (episode) will be about 20,000-30,000 words and a new installment will be released about every month.

Okay, so there's the background, let me get into the good stuff. Like how darn excited I am for this series! I was lying in bed one night, trying and failing to fall asleep, when this story came to me. This happens a lot, so I tried to push it aside and get to sleep. No can do. This story wouldn't quiet. The character's voices wouldn't shut up. So I got up, scratched down a notebook's worth of notes, and finally managed to fall asleep a few minutes before sunrise with a smile on my face.

This is something totally different. Something edgy. Something sexy. Something I'm dying for you all to check out.

So, I'm going to learn a lesson from my characters that wouldn't shut up that night and do just that. I'll let the blurb and cover do the talking now.

You can add it to your Goodreads TBR here:

The first installment of GREAT EXPLOITATIONS (MISCHIEF IN MIAMI) will be released in the next week or two.

Okay, party people . . . you all ready for this?!?!

Seduction. Infidelity. Blackmail. Scandal. It can all be bought for the right price and for Sienna Stevens, business is good. 
Because she’s in the business of Great Exploitations. 
She’s an Eve, a member of a secret society of women contracted by the wives of wealthy, powerful men for one reason and one reason only: to seduce their husbands. To ensure their pre-nuptial agreement will be null and void thanks to a little loophole known as the Infidelity Clause. To ensure that those wives don’t find themselves on the other side of a divorce without a penny to their name. 
When it comes to the Eves, Sienna’s one of the best because she follows the number one rule of the Eves to the letter: don’t let it get personal. 
When the job file of her wealthiest client yet falls into her lap, Sienna realizes that this case could be the one that’s impossible to detach herself from. The payout would lead to her independence, but will the cost be too high in the end?

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