Saturday, August 18, 2012

Calling All You Jude Fans

So. Let's talk BIG NEWS!

But first I want to say thank you to everyone that went and posted a review on Amazon to get it to 100 reviews! You all truly blew my mind with how quickly it went. I can't seem to stop saying thank you, but that's a nice problem to have.

Okay, so back to the big news. I'm happy and thrilled and pretty much over the moon to announce there will be one more story in Jude's and Lucy's journey together! #NeedmoreJudedude? Yeah, well, you all got it! This will be a continuation of the story where CRASH left off, highlighting their time in college together.

When I wrote CRASH, I never planned on it being a series, but after being inundated with fan requests for a story told from Jude's POV, or a story about their life in college, I decided that characters and a love as big as Jude's and Lucy's absolutely deserved a second book.

So what's the title and when will it be released? Well, since Jude and Lucy cause something of a storm and an impact wherever they go, the second book is entitled CLASH. I just handed it over to my lovely editor so we are shooting for the first half of September to release it. That's less than a month away!!!

Tomorrow I'll be releasing the cover, which is all kinds of dreamy thanks to the ninja of cover designers creating it, the blurb, and the playlist for CLASH.

For all of you attending the Chicago signing at the end of September, I'm planning on having paperback copies of both CRASH and CLASH available.

And for all you Patrick fans biting your nails waiting for FUSION . . . I'm putting the finishing touches on it the next couple weeks and it will be out soon!

Love you all and thank you!


  1. YES! I am very happy for more Jude! I am dying to read more Patrick too!! These are both great updates!!!

  2. OHMG, this is some seriously amazing news! I am dying right now. Do you understand how stoked I am!? Aah, FREAK THE FREAK OUT! I get more Jude, side! :) YESSSS!

    Can September hurrrry up!? Aaah! Congrats and seriously, THANK YOOOOOOOU! <3333

    1. Okay, in all my excitement, that typo "side" was supposed to be DUDE. :)

  3. Exciting!! I am dying to read Clash!

  4. OMG I am so excited! I just finished this last night and was thinking how much I wish it would continue. I am beyond excited to see what's next for Lucy and Jude!

  5. Yeah Jude!!!! I can't wait I'm glad we
    don't have
    to wait a year

  6. Holy crap that's awesome! I can't wait

  7. I would give you my first born if he wasn't already born 20 years ago followed by three siblings, surely you get the picture. I have failed to tell you I butterflying love you so very much........I feel like I won the lottery ...

  8. YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is awesome news!!

  9. Best news ever!!! And so soon!! Awesome!!


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