Thursday, August 23, 2012

And the Winner is . . .

Thank you to every body who entered the "Who's Your Jude?" contest. I was super impressed by every one's suggestions and was introduced to several new faces who I could definitely picture as Jude. I had a super tough time deciding who the winner was. Super tough time. But after much deliberation and plugging a formula into a scientific calculator, I have a winner.

Drum roll please.

The winner of the "Who's Your Jude?" contest is:

Ms. Kristen Rene with her suggestion of someone you all have probably never heard of (hehe): Mr. Channing Tatum.

Okay, okay, he's a little old to be Jude, but if you shaved a decade off, he'd be pretty darn close to who I could see as Jude. Tall, stacked, shaved head, and just emits that bad boy vibe.

Thank you again to everyone for your entries. In this contest, no one's a loser!

So, Ms. Kristen, please email me at your information and I'll get a signed paperback copy in the mail for you.

Love you all!


  1. Congratulations Kristen! Channing Tatum is definitely an amazing pick! ;)

    1. I can definitely see Channing tatum as Jude especially with the look he had in the first step up movie

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  3. I like Channing , however I found my Jude in Luke Guldan, fitness model.... holy heck he is hot. Here is a link to the picture of him in his football uniform. If the link doesnt work just google his name :)

  4. I really see Kellan Lutz as Jude, they are both tall and have the serious switch personalities


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