Friday, October 7, 2011

YA Indie Carnival: Favorite Character to Write

Our Indie Carnival topic of the week is to reveal who our favorite character to write has been. I love writing quite a few of my characters from the Eden trilogy, but there's definitely one I love the most because, well, he's a smart a** with just enough charm and reluctant sweetness to be endearing. If you've read the books, you probably already know who I'm talking about. A fan favorite, Mr. Patrick Hayward.

He's one of those characters that consistently pops in and out of my mind, carrying on a one-sided conversation with enough wise cracks and snarky cynicism to have made the Eden trilogy the never-ending trilogy! I love larger than life characters that have a rough exterior and a soft interior and he's all that.

For all you Eden trilogy/Patrick fans out there, I've got some uber exciting news coming soon for you. Stay tuned for an announcement to come that I'll be lucky to keep quiet for the next couple weeks as planned!

Make sure to check out the amazing other members of our ever expanding carnies!

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  • Laura Elliott (Author of Winnemucca)

  • T. R. Graves (Author of The Warrior series)

  • P.J. Hoover (Author of Solstice)

  • Kimberly Kinrade (Author of Bits of You, Pieces of Me and Forbidden Mind)

  • Patti Larsen (Author of the short story, Henry and the newly released Run)

  • Michelle Leighton (Author of the Blood Like Poison series, The Reaping, Wiccan, Caterpillar, and the upcoming Madly series)

  • Lexus Luke (Author of Manitou and The Sky People Saga)

  • Amy Maurer Jones (Author of The Soul Quest Trilogy)

  • Alicia McCalla (Author of the upcoming debut novel Breaking Free)

  • Cheri Schmidt (Author of the Fateful series and Fair Maiden)

  • Dani Snell (A Fab Book Blogger)

  • Cidney Swanson (Author of Rippler)

  • Cyndi Tefft (Author of Between)

  • Suzy Turner (Author of December Moon and Raven)

  • Nicole Williams (You are here!)

  • Gwenn Wright (Author of Filter)

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