Friday, August 12, 2011

Biggest Indie Surprise (YA INDIE CARNIVAL Topic of the Week)

There have been MANY surprises along my indie publishing journey, good and bad. Mostly good, though (and I'm not just saying that to sound like one of those people that say those things . . . that was a mouthful).

The good have included seeing my book available to the world, the positive reviews, the sales, the amazing readers who write such kind things, seeing my books climb the charts, the indie community (my sisterhood most especially!) who is helpful and encouraging and so not what I was expecting to find (I love when I'm wrong about these kinds of things).

The bad have included formatting nightmares, the bad reviews (although the constructive criticism most contain are a good thing!), and . . . well, I'm sure there are a couple more that are not coming to mind, but I guess my point is that very little has been what I'd consider "bad".

So, what has been the biggest, bestest surprise in the indie universe for me? There are two parts to this answer. The first being a platform for my work to be widely available to the public (Amazon: you will be getting a Christmas card complete with homemade sugar cookies from me for the rest of my life!), and the second . . . the success, it really is a sweet thing. I didn't know what to expect when I hit the publish button on Amazon back in March, praying for something like a miracle. And you know what? I believe I got my miracle.

As always, be sure to check out the rest of my Carni Cronies for their exceptional thoughts.

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  1. Feeling the success is always nice. Just publishing is an accomplishment for me. It's been a process, but an amazing one!


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