Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fallen Eden Cover Design

So I'm not the best blogger in the world. Obviously. I have to thank you all for being patient with me as I find my way in this brave new world of blogging!

To the point at hand . . . Fallen Eden is getting close. Not so close it could be released next week, but close enough I felt I could take fifteen minutes away from the manuscript to write a post! I have to say I feel so lucky that I get paid to write. It is my passion and I'd write regardless, but being able to add to my family's bottom line in the process, well . . . like I said, how lucky am I?

I love the entire process of writing a novel. The creation, the first draft, the second, third, fourth . . . . (I'm taking the fifth as to how many drafts I went through with Eternal Eden), the editing and revision process, and the cover design! The cover to Eternal Eden was created by my husband, who is a gifted photographer and Photoshop guru. When he showed me the cover, my jaw dropped. Figuratively and literally. So when cover design time came for Fallen Eden, who did I look to? That's right, you got it . . .  none other than Mr. Williams (did I mention he's the best husband ever? Not just saying that because I'm his wife. He really is the best. He holds the unofficial world title.). We're working through a few ideas, basically at cover genesis, but I know the end product is going to be nothing short of phenomenal.

I love my readers, and since I know you're the best, most intelligent, tasteful people out there, I'm interested in what attracts you to a book cover. I'll unabashedly admit I've purchased my share of books just because the cover design was "pretty". So what do you love when it comes to covers? Do you have a favorite cover that comes to mind?

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